Gentos GZ-373 Floodlights



• LED type:1 × High power
• COB LED Light Output:4200lm (High Mode)
• Battery type:14.8V 5200mAh Li-ion Rechargeable Battery (Included)
• Charging Time:3.5h Battery Cycle: 500 Cycles
• Power Consumption:35W Run Time:6h (Eco Mode) / 2h (High Mode)
• Lighting Technique:Irradiation Angle 140° Dust Proof & 1m Water Proof (IP67)
• Impact Resistance:2m
• Drop Size:W267×H165×D75mm (W10.51×H6.50×D2.95in)
• Weight:2100g (74.1 oz)

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• AC power & Rechargeable battery
• Can be operated either Built-in rechargeable battery or power outlet.
• COB LED : COB LED means chip on board LED, it is a solution that multiple LED chips can be placed into a small amount of space. COB package has excellent uniformity of light from light emitting surface. COB technology avoid multiple shadow effect, which might occur with multiple LED package.
• 180°Swiveling Stand : Tested to withstand 20000 rotating cycles
• Switch : Tested to withstand 50000 on / off cycles
• Heatsink : Keep surface temperature lower than 50℃ (122℉)
• Cable Socket : Tested to withstand 5000 plug insertion / removal cycles
• Carrying handle / 180°Swiveling Stand : Tested to withstand 20000 rotating cycles
• Constant Lighting System : Our smart PCB maintains the constant lighting output. The brightness does not decrease until the battery goes empty.
• Charging Indicator

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Weight3 kg
Dimensions310 × 130 × 210 mm


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