Groz BP-605 Block Plane



 • Length (Inch): 6.1/4″
 • Length (mm): 160mm
 • Cutter width (inch): 1.3/8″
 • Cutter width (mm): 35
 • Blade angle: 13.1/2°
 • Type: Adjustable Mouth

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 • These are small planes, especially useful for working with end grain of timber & small-scale chamfering and planing jobs
 • Robust gray cast iron bases are accurately machined and ground with the flatness of soil within 0.003″ (0.075mm). The plane iron is set at a low angle to ensure efficient end grain planing jobs
 • Block Planes are available in two types:
 • With Adjustable Mouth: Especially useful for cutting plastic laminate and other man-made materials. The cutter is set at an angle of 13.1/2° and is fully adjustable for depth of cut. Mouth is adjustable for coarse or fine work
 • With Fixed Mouth: General purpose block plane with a screw for adjusting depth of cut. The cutter is held rigidly a knurled wheel and screw and set at 21° angle

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Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 80 × 60 × 60 mm


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