Kreg KMS7520 Track Clamps



• Includes 2 Clamp Bodies, 2 Mounting Bolts with Washers, 2 Threaded Knobs and 2 Knurled Locking Nuts
• Durable steel construction
• Handy for creating shop-made jigs and fixtures



• Multi-Purpose Hold- Down Clamps
• Easy-to-use clamps lock into place on the underside of the Accu-Cut track and Starting Block.
• Suitable for use with the Adaptive Cutting System Guide Track sliding them onto the underside of the track.
• Track Clamps are also compatible with other Kreg products such as Clamp Trak, Universal Clamp Trak Kits, and Mini Trak.

Additional information

Weight0.1 kg
Dimensions110 × 750 × 50 mm


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